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Jackie’s writing is fit for purpose – geared to the medium, style and focus of the commissioning journal or organisation. Always accessible, and a good read, she’s developed the skills to communicate complex ideas and technical information, setting them in context. Her success is based on strong consultation, listening and presentation skills – engaging across age groups and experiences. 

Articles on sustainable landscaping, including living roofs, are equally pertinent to professional designers (e.g. Garden Design Journal) and self-build property owners (Homebuilding magazine). Jackie applied her specialist knowledge of textiles, processes and the vagaries of fashion, in developing storylines and captions for 8-12 year old visitors to the Science Museum’s Challenge of Materials Gallery. Her clear explanations of craft technique have informed expert practitioners and teachers (e.g. for Crafts Council handbooks), as well as the wider public keen to understand the role of traditional craft in developing communities around the world (World Crafts book in collaboration with Oxfam Trading). A feature on eco-friendly new build homes in France was written specifically with ex-pat and second home property owners in mind.

Jackie is experienced in generating:

  • Project statements, in support of funding and planning applications

  • Detailed design briefs and scoping documents that communicate the client’s needs

  • Written profiles of artists and designers, helping them to present their work to a wider public

  • Questionnaires for community consultation

  • Research surveys and reports

  • Transcriptions of in-depth interviews with creative thinkers and decision makers

  • Educational guides for exhibitions and walkabouts

  • Topic based handbooks for teachers, including project ideas tailored to specific learning targets 

Jackie is an experienced consultant, researcher, assessor and evaluator – both of creative, practical projects and their social and learning outcomes. In this capacity she is Cultural and Arts Adviser to HBRL – Hilary Barnard and Ruth Lesirge’s consultancy collaboration - contributing to an organisational and governance review of the William Morris Society. She is currently working with Hilary Barnard on a review of Acme Studios' Artists' Residencies and Awards programmes.

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Reclaim & Reuse: Salvage Savvy coat hooks
Period Living, September 2015
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