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Hello and welcome.

These pages show the strengths and capabilities I bring as a writer. Arranged broadly thematically, I have highlighted areas of special interest and expertise – including projects on which I’ve collaborated with others. Excerpts of my work appear through the site, and some samples can be downloaded.

Each commission is approached afresh in my quest to capture the essence of a topic, finding new angles to present. In so doing I set out to inspire and inform. Part of the challenge – and great satisfaction – of publishing, curating, broadcasting, and lecturing, is adapting material to the purpose, audience and medium.

In communicating ideas and information, I regard presentation and style as important as the content. As a writer I have always worked closely with graphic designers and photographers, aiming to secure an attractive and effective balance between text and image.

The same principles apply to my design practice – about which you’ll find more at www.extra-room.com.

You can visit my LinkedIn profile for more detail, and check out recent Facebook mentions and tweets @Jackieherald.

Please read on – and contact me with a project or assignment that I can help you realise.


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Northala Fields Forever: photos Francis Ware, words Jackie Herald
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